So White

Spaghetti Wall inaugurates a new way of imagining and seeing wallpaper, with a collection in which white is the absolute star of the show. A non-colour that is an additive synthesis of all possible colours, capable of telling infinite stories, just as infinite as its subtle shades. With the So White project, a selection of graphic motifs is interpreted in the light of an achromaticity that is as unexpected as it is fascinating and meaningful. They are complemented by the five patterns of the White Brush Collection, created by Gian Paolo Venier: an important collaboration for a wallpaper that in the subtle relationship between white and its opposite, namely shadow, discovers exciting inspirations and new design avenues. Because white, as Kandinsky wrote, is a silence full of possibilities.

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Hypernature/WPN 102sw

Hypernature Macro/WPN 103sw

Rakesh/WPN 123sw

Cementina/WPN 130sw

Righe Incerte/WPN 200sw

++++/WPN 202sw

Route One/WPN 204sw

Route Two/WPN 205sw

Savile Row/WPN 212sw

Bush/WPN 215sw

Entropical/WPN 207sw

Coral Trees/WPN 316sw

Flower Serenade/WPN 420sw

Cracked/WPN 514sw

Voronoi/WPN 515sw