White Brush Collection

The material, the shadow, the background: from the search for a new balance between these three elements, the White Brush Collection was born. The inspiration comes from the memory of the figures and inscriptions drawn with lime, on the windows of fishmongers of yesteryear. The gestures of the brushstroke and the mellow density of white transform the wall into a soft, three-dimensional world in which light plays naturally with the material, or the effect of shadow is deliberately reinforced. A sensation achieved through successive tests and excavations to bring out the depth of the surface. It is a way of arriving at an original spatiality, working on the thin line between graphics and material, to create something truly unique. Marks originally traced with a brush dipped in Indian ink on cardboard become threedimensional patterns that evoke the organic grain of leaves and wood, or more linear and simple strokes that draw deliberately imperfect geometries. With a spirit akin to the world of art as well as the world of design, the approach is experimental and radical: the very renunciation of points of alignment between designs means that each room will be different from the others, as are its inhabitants. Because after all, that is what our work is all about: creating spaces that are increasingly human. — Gian Paolo Venier

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