Ana Basoc

Ana Basoc is a graphic designer whose expertise in the realm of visual communication ranges from brand identities to graphic projects for books and events. She graduated with honours in 2019 from ABA, the Udine Academy of Fine Arts. Since then she has been collaborating with numerous clients belonging to the most diverse sectors: food & wine, industries, publishing and fashion. Ana’s work stands out for the creative use of materials, the audacious and unexpected combination of colours and finally, her love for patterns which bestows a personal and original touch to all of her work. When observing the world, she relies on her curiosity and attentiveness to collect ideas and summon inspiration for new and original projects. Ana enjoys numerous passions which nourish her enthusiasm for all that evolves around the world of graphic design. Ana believes that creativity and empathy are essential to forge relations and create emotions. Her dream is to become a jewel designer and to createa jewellery collection of her very own.