Antonio Minervini

Born in southern Italy in a small seaside town, he has lived in Udine for many years.

At the age of 15 he started painting and at 18 moved to Venice where he studied architecture at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice (IUAV). He continued his painting training as a self-taught artist. He approached the painters of the Venetian scene who gravitated around the 'Bevilaqua la Masa' foundation. He exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Venice. He has participated in various competitions including: Bevilaqua La Masa Young Artists and the 'La Colomba' International Art Prize.

Selected by the Swatch Emotion prize in 1992, he exhibited his works at the Lingotto in Turin.

Other solo and group exhibitions are presented in Molfetta, Fano, Bari, Mantua and Udine

His pictorial history has spanned various periods between figurative and abstract. In recent years, he has been studying the enigma of figuration through his favourite subjects: Faces and Flowers (Human and Nature).

His colours are those of his Mediterranean origins: sky, earth and sea.

In his research, there is a strong focus on the relationship between art and living space.

Professionally, he worked for many years as an interior designer and graphic designer, collaborating with important companies in the furniture sector.

He has designed lamps for Fambuena Spain and chairs for Fornasarig and Montbel. With the 'Giò' armchair he won a CATAS award and with the 'Garbo' collection an honourable mention at NEOCON in Chicago.