Gian Paolo Venier

Passionate traveler, Gian Paolo Venier is constantly looking for afar atmospheres to contaminate his "design vocabulary". Internationally active interior designer, product designer and art director, his distinctive signature combines cosmopolitan elegance with the utmost attention to materials, textures, resulting in bespoke creations and sophisticated color palettes. Since 2010 Venier has been collaborating with Paola Navone. From 2013 to 2015 he was responsible for the creative direction of the Italian luxury brand Ivory Collections. He is the art director of Airnova (Italian furniture manufacturer, specializing in leather and metal furniture; since 2016), Mary & by MIA Collections (Greek furniture and lifestyle brand; since 2017) and Abitex (Italian fabric manufacturer; since 2020). Gian Paolo Venier also collaborates with the same companies as a product designer (signing dozens of products now present in their catalogs) and coordinates the work of other designers within the various brands. The special partnership with many companies allows Venier to create personalized and exclusive furnishings for each individual project. Every collaboration opportunity is a source of new motivation and allows him to explore new areas of work. The partnership with Abitex, for example, offers the opportunity to develop customized fabrics for interior design projects and has opened a new path of research in the field of textile products and prints. The partnership with Shoenhuber Franchi (a leading company in the tableware sector) has instead allowed Gian Paolo Venier to develop collections of personalized plates and table accessories for interior design projects for hotels and restaurants. This strong propensity for tailoring frequently leads Venier to collaborate with artisan workshops and develop inspired products and collections, such as "Siman" with Urbi et Orbi (a collection in pleated concrete for crockery, candelabra, washbasins, etc.) and "Meltemi" with Kerameio (a collection of pottery based on the shapes of ancient Greek pottery).