Loft Canova

Technology development and the relation between substance, light and art are the essence of every project of the architect Pasquale Piroso and the studio Loft Canova. His stylistic signature is “the poetic of listening the place”, the capacity to immerse in the context and to catch its most profound nature to give birth to authentic projects dedicated to beauty. Loft Canova is located in Rome, in the antique Palazzo Canova where the synergy between architecture, interior design and art by the architect Roberto Giglio was born. His work expresses a sense of mystery and suspension through enchanted and surreal visions. His technique elaborates a slow and filtrated passage in the memory, an anti-descriptive and poetic passage starting from the figure and going to the informal using the white of the light to deconstruct faces and architectures. The painting is expressed as a travel in the poetry of places where one would walk and live slowly, observing and listening to what appears shade and light.