Ludovica Misciattelli

Ludovica Misciattelli was born in Milan in 1992. As a designer and artist, she pursued a career in fashion as a stylist for magazines such as Vanity Fair, Glamour, and Rolling Stone after completing a classical education. After several years in the industry, her personal experience with painting led her to explore the world of materials with a master's degree in Surface & Textile Design. The interaction between surfaces, forms, and colors became the strong center of attraction and artistic fusion for her. Moving between the arts - from fashion to design - and her attitude towards research allowed her to create open visual narratives that are expressed in various projects through attention to detail and surface variety, where abstract features are humanized through fluidity of form and color exploration.

"The balance is my connection between the arts. I love contrasts, and in them, I seek harmony. I get lost in a world of colors and forms, from which abstract, soft, and fluid worlds emerge. Continuous experimentation comes through a solid and intimate relationship with colors, which arise from the nuances of the earth and fill individual spaces without ever merging, occupying their own place and together creating the whole."