Flower FrescoWPN 2103a

Collezione Visioni

"Explore the beauty of the 'ruined wall' effect with a touch of floral freshness with our 'Flower Fresco' wallpaper. This design combines the feel of a worn, vintage wall with the grace and delicacy of flowers, creating a unique visual experience that adds character and sophistication to your space.

The 'ruined wall' background offers an immersion into the shabby chic aesthetic, with its imperfections telling stories of the past. This effect gives the room a feeling of authenticity and lived-in history, creating a charming and enveloping ambience.

Supporti consigliati:
– Natural
– Sablé
– Oro Glossy
– Pop White
– Cool Gold
– White Sound


WPN 2103a
WPN 2103b