WPN 109a

Bubo by Giorgio Biscaro

Collaborazioni Creatività


Giorgio Biscaro
Ana Basoc
Sergio Brioschi / Valentina Ventrelli
Loft Canova
Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri
Claudio Meninno
Monogramma Studio
Toan Nguyen
RGB Comunicazione
Cristian Malisan
Gian Paolo Venier



Together with technology and know-how, creativity is an added value that Spaghetti Wall offers to its clients, putting to their disopsal a team that can realize on-demand designs strarting from files or simple ideas or customize colors, dimensions and dispositions of the different elements.


Starting from indications of the client, a stylistic mood or a concept conceived by a designer, an artist or an architect, Spaghetti Wall can create a completely original design or support the designer during his creation process.