WPN 109a

Bubo by Giorgio Biscaro

Collaborazioni Creatività


Giorgio Biscaro
Ana Basoc
Sergio Brioschi / Valentina Ventrelli
Loft Canova
Gastone Cerato
Lorena D'Ilio
Carlo Donati
Federica Faleschini
Raffaella Galazzi
Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri
Claudio Meninno
Michael Milesi
Antonio Minervini
Ludovica Misciattelli
Monogramma Studio
Sofia Sabinot
Toan Nguyen
Alice Peach
RGB Comunicazione
Cristian Malisan
Carolina Palella
Patrizia Piccinini
Marco Spatti
Gian Paolo Venier



Together with technology and know-how, creativity is an added value that Spaghetti Wall offers to its clients, putting to their disopsal a team that can realize on-demand designs strarting from files or simple ideas or customize colors, dimensions and dispositions of the different elements.


Starting from indications of the client, a stylistic mood or a concept conceived by a designer, an artist or an architect, Spaghetti Wall can create a completely original design or support the designer during his creation process.