Carte da parati dal caldo e avvolgente mood autunnale.

Autumn mood with SpaghettiWall

Carta da parati autunnale
Salici, WPN 410 - Botanic Collection con colore personalizzato.

Earthy nuances - brown in its many shades, the colour of moss, falling leaves and sage - combine with greys and burgundies to create the traditional autumn palette, with its charm and connection to the transformation of nature. Enveloping colours that penetrate the interior spaces of the home, now in the foreground, and characterise details, complements or surfaces: walls, above all, can easily dress up with the mood of the new season and replicate its most characteristic stylistic features.

This is what the nine collections of SpaghettiWall wallpapers suggest, offering graphics based on geometric or free motifs, textile or textural prints, also with perspective dips, inspired by autumn. They are signed by Claudio Meninno, Studio Malisan, Ana Basoc, Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri and the company's in-house creative team. The patterns are sized according to the wall to which they are to be applied and printed with a very high yield on one of the eleven substrates offered by the brand, which include glass fibre - in various colours - for application even in contact with water, sound-absorbing or ecological fibres, gold gloss or with a wood or tactile effect.