Looks like wood but is actually wallpaper: Touch Wood

With the Touch Wood line, SpaghettiWall goes beyond the two-dimensional and textural limits to offer a wall coating that explores wood species in reproducing the tactile effect of wood grain. As the only product of its kind, this wallpaper is exclusively offered by our company to be used in living rooms and sleeping environments of residential or professional spaces.

Touch Wood is configured as a range of wallpaper that recreates the warm nuances of walnut and oak right on the wall. With a natural or heat-treated effect, the result is enriched by floral or geometric textures, printed at very high resolution as an overlay to the wooden texture, providing a delightful effect. The result is a collection of wallpapers for interior design that blends the emotion of natural materials with subtle patterns, worked by the SpaghettiWall graphic design team to perfectly adapt to the wall in a customised manner.

The Wooden Stripes and Wooden Signs graphics from the Brioschi/Ventrelli Studio particularly enhance the Touch Wood type of wallpaper to become elegant panelling that enhances the spaces through a clean and understated decorative rhythm.

Touch Wood is suitable for dry spaces and is available in 60-centimetre-wide rolls that, when fitted side-by-side, perfectly conceal the seams.