Spaghetti Boy - Pop and rebel!

L'ultima cena di TVboy per SpaghettiWall

Design: Tvboy and Spaghetti Wall, NeoPop is told on (wallpaper)

The artist from Palermo gave a live art performance at Brera on 9 September 2021

The innovative brand that has brought design to wallpaper organised an event in its Via Pontaccio showroom and inaugurated the new creative proposals created in collaboration with an important ensemble of designers, all collected in an exciting and rich catalogue

Milan, September 2021 - The artist Tvboy, one of the major exponents of the international NeoPop scene, was the protagonist of the event that Spaghetti Wall - an Italian brand that has innovated the wallpaper sector - organised in its Milan showroom on 9 September, on the occasion of Milan Design Week (5-10 September 2021).

In the heart of Brera, the artist from Palermo performed in Spaghetti Boy - a name that brings together the two souls of this appointment with deliberate lightness - effectively inaugurating the company's new creative path; it was on this occasion, in fact, that Spaghetti Wall presented a preview of the catalogue created with visionary designers and incredibly rich in new graphics, ready to literally transform the spaces of the home.

From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the showroom at Via Pontaccio 19, Tvboy talked about himself and his works to journalist Giorgio Tartaro before moving on to a live art performance: an original interpretation of the world of Spaghetti Wall that contributed to enhancing the expressive versatility of wallpaper

This is fully demonstrated by the new graphic proposals, realised thanks to prestigious collaborations with design figures such as Toan Nguyen, Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, Brioschi / Ventrelli, Monogramma, Claudio Mennino, Studio Malisan, RGB Comunicazione, Gian Paolo Venier, Loft Canova and Ana Basoc.

Spaghetti Wall's proposals and its new catalogue remained on display during Milan Design Week in both the showroom in Via Pontaccio and the Propagation Green / Insula delle Rose space in Via Goito 3.

Tvboy Spaghetti Wall