Spaghetti Wall at the Genoa Boat Show: wallpapers for the yacht and cruise industry

Bietole, WPN 1300a - Bietole Collection by Carlo Donati

Wallpapers for the yacht & cruise industry: SpaghettiWall at the Genoa Boat Show

From the design of exterior lines to equipment, furnishings and finishes, the world of high-end yachting is entirely 'tailor-made'. Everything is structured and designed in a sartorial way, to deliver yachts and superyachts, sailing and motor boats of different segments as unique and exclusive projects.

The story of this tailor-made marine industry is told by SpaghettiWall, the wallpaper brand from Udine, Italy, which is taking part in the VIP Lounge at the Genoa Boat Show, scheduled to take place from 21 to 26 September 2023, with its offer of wall coverings that can be customised in terms of size, colours and textures. The Sablé wallcovering, which is in the company's catalogue along with nine other materials, is in fact certified for use in the naval sector according to the IMO-MED directive and is printed at very high resolution, with the possibility of accommodating the more than 600 graphics available or other subjects at the direct request of the customer.

"We are growing in the yacht & cruise sector with important collaborations," says Federica Borgobello, CEO of SpaghettiWall, who continues: "Our participation in the Genoa event is part of this trend and intercepts two fundamental themes of the sector: on the one hand that of customisation, which is essential in the luxury context; on the other hand that of a change in interior design, which in addition to wood and marble - historical materials of yachts - is opening up towards new opportunities and surfaces, capable of ensuring high performance, flexibility and contemporary aesthetics".

On the occasion of this important event, SpaghettiWall decorates the VIP lounge with a selection of subjects with a strong visual impact that define some of the walls of the room, either full-height or with a boiserie effect, and the area reserved for executive meetings: from delicate botanical motifs, to the kaleidoscope of wall shades up to the immersion in patterns that bring to life the emotion of an aquarium, the brand expresses, through different suggestions, the infinite creative possibilities and application of wallpaper.

Rustyblock, WPN 523a - Wall Collection
Rustyblock, WPN 523a - Wall Collection