Motus 7WPN 1206a

Collezione Motus
Design by: Ludovica Misciattelli

The soft aesthetics of movement and the fluidity of colour define Motus: dynamic and at the same time velvety, light and feminine signs that cover the walls with a dreamy imprint. Never rigorous lines left by the brushes, with a mellow effect of colour that rests on the canvas to outline contrasts and liquid strokes. Nuances and patterns reproduced by hand that evoke the world of fashion and its precious fabrics. The play of shapes and colours, available in several variants, is declined in an original pictorial dimension and produces a change of perspective, with which the Milanese designer and artist expresses her own stylistic signature.

Supporti consigliati:
– Natural
– Sablé
– Pop White
– Oro Glossy
– Cool Gold
– White Sound


WPN 1206a
WPN 1206b
WPN 1206c