Carte da parati anni 70 - Spaghetti Wall

Righe IncerteWPN 200a

Collezione Trame
Design by: Claudio Meninno

Vertical lines that seem to dance on the wall, a hand-drawn design by Claudio Meninno where every stroke has been executed with care and dedication.

Uncertain lines give your home a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere. The hand-drawn lines add a touch of authenticity and individuality to every room, transforming the walls into a dynamic work of art.

Supporti consigliati:
– Sablé
– Natural
– Oro Glossy
– Pop White
– Cool Gold
– Northwood
– White Sound
– Woodnut


WPN 200a
WPN 200b
WPN 200c
WPN 200d
WPN 200e
WPN 200f
WPN 200g
WPN 200h
WPN 200i
WPN 200j
WPN 200k
WPN 200l