Design Week 2023 Preview

SpaghettiWall at MDW presents textile and floral inspirations with 11 authors

Ludovica Misciattelli, Michael Milesi, Carlo Donati, Carolina Palella are just some of the authors of the new SpaghettiWall graphics presented exclusively at Design Week, via Pontaccio 19.


SpaghettiWall returns to the Fuorisalone in its showroom in Via Pontaccio 19, in the heart of the Brera Design District, renovated for the occasion with a layout that enhances the power of colour on the wall and explores its applications on different types of wallpapers - from natural to water-resistant, sound-absorbing or textured wood effect.

The exhibition project, curated by the company, is a narrative that effectively sums up the new SpaghettiWall catalogue: a celebration of floral and textile inspirations, seen through the lenses of the authors involved - artists, designers, illustrators, architects and fashion entrepeneurs - and interpreted by them in an ever-changing way.


Motus, Ludovica Misciattelli's collection, evokes the world of fashion and its precious fabrics, through rich brushstrokes, soft lines and a surprising study of colour.

Metamorfosi, by Michael Milesi, stems from the meeting point of seemingly antithetical concepts - classical/contemporary, geometric/decorative - that give shape to fascinating hybridisations.

Atelier, is the collection designed by Alkimia that explores the theme of toile de jouy fabrics and bouquets, with prints available in several palettes.

Wanderlast, is a journey through natural landscapes with very different imprints. Ana Basoc explores techniques and styles with which she gives form to nature, from the micro to the macro.

Bietole, by Carlo Donati, is an investigation into colour expressed through the silhouettes of leaves that, like a forest, give shape to layers in multiple depths.

Space Jungle Dream, the dreamscape imagined by Federica Faleschini, is a projection of a lush nature that winks at the virtual. Out of space and time it mixes metaverse and classical world.

Vida is the new collection designed by Cristian Malisan, who continues his investigation into shapes by transforming simple graphic elements into versatile patterns that change their appeal depending on the type of wallpaper on which they are printed.

My Venice is the colourful representation of the visual baggage of Antonio Minervini, an artist who for the first time brings his flowers in several variations to wallpapers.

Exotic Blend powerfully expresses the identity of Carolina Palella, illustrator and pattern designer, who in this collection tells of an exotic universe with incisive colours and details that make the mind travel to distant destinations.

Visioni, a collection designed by SW Lab, is an elegant memoir, a collection of slides depicting plants and flowers, bouquets and barely noticeable shadows of green branches and leaves. A refined and timeless interpretation.

Whispr2030 is inspired by the concepts of sisterhood, mind the gap and textile that identify the namesake fashion brand. Designed by Sofia Sabinot and Alice Brioschi, it is a diverse and contemporary collection.