Press Kit Spaghetti Wall MDW2022

SpaghettiWall: Gian Paolo Venier's 'white-on-white' wallpapers at Milan Design Week 2022

Pure material and its shadow are the subjects of a new survey on colour conducted by SpaghettiWall: a study on white as the ultimate creative challenge, the absolute colour that is the sum of all the others. Kandinsky knew this, defining white as 'a silence rich in possibilities', and now presents it on a wall, offering previously unexplored design paths and totally reinterpreting the idea of wallpaper, which is traditionally associated with a palette rich in images and colours.

The creative project takes the name So White and involves a printing process that creates a three-dimensional effect thanks to the fascinating interplay of shadows on completely achromatic subjects. The result is deep, delicate and elegant, expressed through a series of geometric graphics or natural inspiration.

The first work born in this project is the 'White Brush Collection' that bears the signature of Gian Paolo Venier, also author of other propositions in the SpaghettiWall catalogue. 'The inspiration for this collection was drawn from the memory of the words and numbers drawn with lime on the windows of the fishmongers' of the past, but also from the splendid architecture of the Mediterranean,' the designer declares. 'The gestures of the brushstroke and the mellow density of white transform the wall into a soft, three-dimensional world where light toys with the material or the effect of shadow is deliberately reinforced. With a spirit similar to the world of art as well as the world of design, the resulting approach is a radical one: dispensing with points of alignment between designs means that each room will be different from the others, just like its inhabitants. Because in the end, that is what our work is all about: creating spaces that are increasingly human'.

So White is an evolving creative programme, working on the fine line that separates graphics and material. The subjects in 'white-on-white' are printed on the new Skin material with a textured surface and high colour rendering, also available in a washable Cleaning System version.