Spaghetti Wall: black & white trend on the wall

A timeless combination in fashion and interior design, the juxtaposition of the two 'non-colours’ par excellence - black and white - has created a real stylistic code, with famous textures and graphic suggestions developed internationally. From upholstery fabrics to carpets, furniture and furnishings, their interweaving evolves continuously, with new aesthetic results capable of guaranteeing a contrast of extreme elegance. This is the case of numerous patterns from the Decor, Trame and Delabrè wallpaper collections by Spaghetti Wall, signed among others by Gian Paolo Venier, Claudio Mennino, Giorgio Biscaro and Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri, where black and white, printed in high resolution, now offer minute textures, now optical geometries or exclusive designs to enhance the walls, between floral memories and perspective immersions.

Every wallcovering, adapted to the size of the space on which it will be applied, can be customized with five types of materials offering different properties such as sound absorbing or water-repellent properties, high mechanical strength, a strongly textured appearance or a composition made entirely of natural and recyclable materials. The material typology can be further expanded in relation to contract spaces and selected on the basis of specific project needs. Finally, the antithesis between black and white and their play of compositions is ideal for decorating heterogeneous indoor environments, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom or bathroom, but also for lounge and hospitality spaces.