SpaghettiWall brings a new idea of the exotic to the wall

Space Jungle, WPN 1100a - Design by Federica Faleschini

Rainforests transformed into sequences of pixels or filtered like old out-of-focus Polaroids, images of fronds shaded in bronze, in ink or set in space, on an alien planet. SpaghettiWall offers a creative interpretation of the exotic by presenting a series of new catalogue graphics produced in collaboration with designers, illustrators and graphic designers, and printed on wallpaper in different materials to suit any context.

From the wallpaper on TNT surface to the more resistant one, in fibreglass, for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, spas, up to the sound-absorbing version that improves the acoustic quality of spaces, both private and public, by reducing reverberation: SpaghettiWall wallpapers are customisable in the colour and size of the motifs, as well as certified for use in contract and naval projects.

Caesar Forest, WPN 408b

Whether inspired by Mediterranean landscapes or reinterpreting equatorial panoramas, the graphics - supplied in rolls starting from 60 cm width and with no height limit - are adapted to the layout of the surfaces on which they are applied, like wall artworks, giving a completely new and personal character to the environment.

Esotico, WPN 2000a - Design by Carolina Palella
Pixel Forest, WPN 2101a