Golden wallpapers by SpaghettiWall

Oro Glossy is the novel wallpaper by SpaghettiWall for the creation of wallpapers with iridescent effects: a reflective, glossy material made of nonwoven polyester with a PVC surface treatment and metal foil. It can be printed with all the graphics themes of the nine catalogue collections and used for wall coverings in the world of interior design, in residential, hospitality, retail or work-related projects.

All the patterns of the SpaghettiWall offer, adapted to the size of the wall on which they will be installed and then customised by the brand's technical and graphic department to guarantee maximum print yield, can be reproduced on the Oro Glossy material and create elegant chromatic contrasts with the precious surface. Geometric, inspired by nature or the textile sample book, floral or referring to subtle decorative weaves recalling fond memories, they are ideal for environments with a heterogeneous style profile and can be used to furnish contemporary, minimalist or historical spaces in a versatile manner. Fire-rated to EN 13501 and endowed with high resistance to mechanical wear, Oro Glossy is finally complemented by the Cool Gold backing, made of opaque glass fibre, which allows the wallpaper to be used even in damp environments or in contact with water, in kitchen, bathroom and spa areas.

These are just two of the eleven substrates proposed by SpaghettiWall, in order to satisfy various aesthetic needs and performances: with a material and tactile wood effect, sound-absorbent, eco-friendly, and water-repellent, they guarantee ease of installation and complete customisation. A guarantee of this is the Luce group, to which the brand refers, which has been active in professional printing and photolithography processes for over 30 years and has a technical and creative team capable of meeting the specific needs of the design world.