Spaghetti Wall

"Throwing spaghetti against the wall" means trying something again and again until you find the right solution, one that "sticks". A philosophy that perfectly represents an emerging brand with well-defined expansion strategies.

From three-dimensional effects to pictorial influences, pop trends, tributes to the plant and animal kingdom or geometric minimalism, up to the rediscovery of ancient weaves and the interpretation of light and colour in the atmosphere: Spaghetti Wall wallpapers offer a diverse journey through different inspirations, told through images and textures that can be used to cover surfaces or create decorative frames in interior projects. The debut of the brand, based in Udine and part of the Luce Group, is under the auspices of a dynamic visual itinerary between architecture, design, art and nature, which are reproduced on five different material supports and interpreted, also in colour, by leading Italian and international professionals – such as Toan Nguyen, Studio Malisan, Daniele Lo Scalzo Moschieri, Ana Basoc, to name but a few – specialised in the themes of product, project or graphic design.

The catalogue comprises over 150 products, divided into nine collections and enriched over time by unique capsule collections, such as the one created in September 2021 with the street artist Tvboy. The Milan showroom in Via Pontaccio 19, right in the centre of Brera, therefore becomes the ideal stage to showcase these exclusive collaborations and the universe of Spaghetti Wall wallpapers, with subjects that are evolving to anticipate the trends and expectations of the international public.

All the graphics on offer can be customised on request, as well as produced on demand, and transferred onto sound-absorbent, water-repellent, natural and recyclable materials, with high mechanical resistance or with a highly textured surface. Dedicated to domestic and contract environments, the papers are guaranteed by numerous certifications attesting to their sustainability, fire resistance, use in the marine environment (IMO-MED directive) and non-toxicity.

Spaghetti Wall decorative solutions are distributed through a rapidly expanding sales network, mainly in Europe, but also in the Middle East and China. Growth objectives, in terms of global markets, which the company has also decided to support with strategic communication to the media, entrusting DesignFever with press office and PR activities for Italy and abroad, starting in February 2022.